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Isabelle Moreau Lovett

CV Isabelle Moreau Lovett


In charge of HR Development, Talent Management, Employer brand, HR digital Communication, Coaching, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Corporate University.

Meeting objectives regarding various challenges: integration, training, skills development, talent retention, strong reputation/international standing/high profile-visibility, strengthening of employer brand.
Attract, integrate, rally and create human value.
Supporting transformation projects held in fast- growing and changing companies.

Expertise of B to B services: Advice, Assistance, Insurance, and Express Transport.

Monitoring and management of project teams.

• HR related skills

• Ability to integrate a strategic HR and Commmunication vision and tailor it using business/operational logic to meet the needs of the client /company

• Coaching in order to support the individual and the collective

• Knowledge management that contributes to talents and potentials development

• Corporate communication regarding offers and services, multi-channel employer brand, social networks

• Public relations and press

My driving force: ensure that each employee fits in the right place in order to contribute to the collective development of the company.
On a personal level, I am empathetic, motivated by the passion for human contact, interaction and cooperation.
I act as a facilitator.
Cross-functional, motivated by the diversity of projects and new challenges, I have a strong sense of efficiency. I am results-oriented.

Expériences professionnelles

Employer brand & hr digital communication manager - france & corporate


De Janvier 2012 à Aujourd'hui

HR key challenge: Recommend and implement the ways to ensure recruitment of 600 people per year
in a competitive environment
- Ensure effective systems for sourcing and recruitment (jobboards, cv,…)
- Monitoring and digital innovation: LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor, Easy Recrue,…
- Develop speaking on social networks with an associated managerial plan

Reputation key challenge: Strengthen the influence of Devoteam, in charge of content
- Increase media coverage to the financial, business and IT targets
- In charge of the rewriting of the website, specially of the career pages
- Pilot cultural sponsorship of a public museum and customers and partners events

Training development manager


De Décembre 2006 à Décembre 2011

5 people – 70 trainers

HR key challenge: Reinforce Knowledge Management and build employee engagement

- Responsible for creation of training strategy (external, internal and elearning)
- Create learning content on programs (management, business and sales, IT courses, project management)
- Lead the internal university and implement training programs for the trainers (40 pathways)
- Collaborate in projects to ensure HR policies: sourcing, talent management, annual convention

Formations complémentaires

Mastère GRH

Institut de Gestion Sociale - Ressources Humaines

1986 à 1988

Certification Coaching

HEC CRC - Coaching

2010 à 2011



Marraine de 2 groupes en recherche d'emploi

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Digital RH
Talent acquisition
Knowledge Management
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